About Us

ACTION is the first public blockchain for the global movie and entertainment community.
It dedicates to providing an ideal performing stage for every genius actor and artist.
Work smart, unleash creativity!


Current movie and entertainment industry is problematic:
  • Monopolized by capital and power.
  • The public lacks choices.
  • The clique culture limits options on scripts and actors.
  • Full of hidden rules and rampant scandals.
  • Crappy films get popular while good scripts are often buried.
  • Exclusive for superstars, leaving good actors on the bench.
  • Solution

  • Creates a blockchain platform built on Stellar framework and issues cryptocurrency (ACTN) as a financial instrument.
  • Issues a private blockchain for multiple parties to collaborate in incubation, filming, and advocacy of their remarkable works, as well as a standard digital contract and a mature financial framework for the whole production chain.
  • Develops an open and creative community for the public to share their opinions.
  • Develops a decentralized P2P video sharing and steaming platform with protected copyrights.
  • Our Vision

    ACTION will be
  • An eminent film production platform that constantly delivers remarkable movie and entertainment works.
  • A vibrant movie and entertainment community for the public to inexhaustiblely discover and share their knowledge and opinions.
  • An impartial platform for talented screenwriters, actors, and directors to stand out.
  • A "viral" decentralized broadcast and streaming platform that empowers the cognitive surplus of millions of young artists.
  • Roadmap


    Jul: finished ACTION proposal by Jin Kairey

    Aug: formed ACTION technical team

    Nov: finished testing of ACTION's public blockchain


    Feb: ACTION's decentralized video streaming system online

    May: in partnership with major digital products distributers


    Jan: registered ACTION Foundation

    Feb: ACTION public blockchain online

    March: first edition of ACTION community online

    June: ACTION on cryptocurrency exchanges

    Aug: number of ACTION community users > 500,000

    Dec: ACTION's decentralized ticketing system online


    Milestone: ACTION's decentralized ticketing revenue comparable to major theater box office


    It takes two flints to make a fire.

    Hongbing Zhu

    Hongbing Zhu, internet finance expert. Founder, Director, CEO of Keyword-tech PTE LTD, Singapore, and founder of Cashnice PTE LTD, an internet finance company.

    David Han

    David Han, american famous sculpture artist. In 2010, David finished his first sheet metal sculpture, developing a totally unique style of sculptural expression based on his formal artistic training and his multi-faceted design experience.

    Zhiming Li

    David Li, Master of Science of Stockholm University, Canadian citizenship. Longtime business experiences in the natural gas industry, good at network marketing and sales.

    Jiang Zhou

    Dr. Jiang Zhou has two decades of experience building artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across industries including telecommunication, banking, insurance and smart city. These solutions have resulted in over $200 million savings for clients. Dr. Zhou has founded/co-founded several AI companies including Business Data Miners, AI Strike, and Data Foretell. He is a Member of Industrial Advisory Board, University of Massachusetts, Boston and the Chief Executive Officer of AI Strike. Previously, he was the chief data scientist at Lightbridge, Inc., a vice president at Citizens Bank and a consulting member of technical staff at Oracle Inc.

    David G Cote

    David G Cote, studied economics at Ottawa University, Canada. Extensive experience in the Energy Industry and in proprietary trading in bonds, options and some North American equities.


    Evan (Rabble) Henshaw-Plath

    Evan Henshaw-Plath is a technologist who explores the intersection of product, engineering, and the political systems in which they exist. His passion is in the space of new emerging start-ups and making the world a better place through civic technology projects. Evan has led product and engineering teams on companies ranging from his own self funded start-ups through every stage of venture capital and at large fortune 500 companies. From 2004-06 he was the first employee, lead developer and architect in building Odeo’s Ruby on Rails web application platform, a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Odeo is best known as the company which created Twitter.

    Ping Chen

    Dr. Ping Chen is an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering and the Director of Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Computational Semantics. Dr. Chen has received ten federal grants and published over 80 papers in major Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Linguisitcs conferences and journals.

    Wei Ding

    Wei Ding, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science in the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her research interests include data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational semantics, and with applications to health sciences, astronomy, geosciences, and environmental sciences. She is an Associate Editor of the ACM Transaction on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD), Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) and an editorial board member of the Journal of Information System Education (JISE), the Journal of Big Data, and the Social Network Analysis and Mining Journal. Her research projects are sponsored by NSF, NIH, NASA, and DOE. She is an IEEE senior member and an ACM senior member.

    Steven Chen

    Steven Chen, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Master of Management, Chairman of Envoy Consulting Group. Committed to business model, strategic planning, organizational control, corporate culture and management innovation research, consulting and practice.

    Jimmy Zhu

    Jimmy Zhu, Professor Zhu is an expert in AI and Blockchain technologies. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland. He is the PC member of over 20 top conferences and invited reviewer for the most prestigious journals. Also, he has more than ten years industry experiences in Fintech field.

    Richard Mendonca

    Richard Mendonca, Founder & Director of Livfavours Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., India. Mr. Richard has been instrumental in providing creative & marketing solutions to clients, for the past 26 years, offering them clutter-breaking integrated marketing services.

    Ajay Thakur

    Ajay Thakur, Dual Masters in Journalism (IIMC, New Delhi) & Broadcast Journalism (University of Sheffield), Ajay is currently Sr. Group Editor, Herald Publications (Goa, India), Executive Director, Genie Global Ltd (Hong Kong) and Director, LivFlavours Media & Entertainment (Mumbai, India). He is a veteran investigative multimedia journalist across Asia and Europe and an Expert on Video (Television & Films) and Print Content in South East Asia..



    GMRZ is a subsidiary of Lenovo Group. GMRZ is committed to the development of multi-modal biometric identification technologies and unified identity products. It also promotes cooperation among more than 200 companies in the international FIDO standards consortium. It has deployed applications on more than 10 well-known banking product systems including the Bank of China, ICBC Asia, Alipay, etc.


    Beijing Rongshang Media Advertising Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive advertising media integration and public relations planning company, a multi-year strategic cooperation advertising unit of Beijing TV Station, and has explored and operated self-media projects for several years, and is an advantageous medium purchaser of internet advertising throughout the country. Served in a large number of commercial, luxury, convention and exhibition clients in Beijing, and independently hosted several government convention and exhibition events.